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Posted Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

 We are the first law enforcement agency in albany escorts to successfully utilize NRS 205.372, the ‘Mortgage Lending Fraud’ statute passed by the 2007 Nevada Legislature,” said Attorney General Masto.  “This statute creates the crime of ‘mortgage fraud.’  Since we began utilizing this valuable prosecution tool, we have successfully obtained indictments and convictions, including sentences involving prison time.” 
While investigating mortgage fraud cases, the Office of the Attorney General has also uncovered extenuating issues and multiple criminal activities including organized crime; racketeering; overseas call centers; use of offshore bank accounts; international extradition issues; large scale, sophisticated forgery and identity theft; fake social security cards; fake drivers licenses; homes and vehicle purchased illegally and leased to members of an organized prostitution ring; drugs; child pornography; a possible homicide; misuse of overseas Swiss bank accounts; international fraudulent transactions with investors from overseas companies; and an individual on the United Kingdom’s top ten most wanted list.   albany escorts