Yes, You Too – Booking a New York City Escort

Posted Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

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I’m flattered whenever someone that follows my blog emails me to correspond, and though I am sometimes a little slow due to a the volume of emails I get from time to time, I do try to respond when I can. Interaction with my readers is really important to me!  People have questions and I try my best to answer them and point them in the right direction, if I can.  It does seem, though, that even though I’ve said on my blog many times that while I do work as an escort in new york city, I will never use this site to book a client and risk losing my privacy, or give hints to New York City escort agencies I work for, or anything like that, I still get lots and lots emails from people (men and women) that go basically like this:

I know you said you don’t book clients through your blog but I was wondering if you might make an exception for me (…or just this once, or I am different, or I am special, or I would never this or that, et cetera, et cetera.)

You can’t blame someone for trying, and I certainly don’t blame any of you who have emailed me asking for that favor, and I really honestly do not want to embarrass anyone here by saying this. That’s not my intention!  But when I say I can’t and won’t book through my blog, unfortunately, yes, this means you too.  I’m really sorry and there are girls out there who would be more than willing to do so but I just can’t.  It’s not my thing.  I do love ya, though, and I’m happy to get emails about other stuff so don’t hesitate to email me!  or follow me on Twitter!

In the past I have written a few of articles about getting an escort new york city, suggestions on how a couple could go about booking an escort, as well as an honest accounting of how new york city escorts.  I think these articles have helped people quite a bit but some of my readers either didn’t find the articles or just wanted to email me directly and see if I would make an exception to my rule, so I was thinking “what would be a way to point someone elsewhere?”  The best answer I came up with to give someone a place to start looking for a Las Vegas escort would be DMOZ.  DMOZ (I’m about to get geeky here) is the Open Directory Project.  Long story short, it’s a directory of everything imaginable,  including adult stuff, so it has a section by region on escorts, too.  Getting listed in DMOZ is notoriously difficult and the people that work there do it for free and you can not buy your way into the directory for any price (unlike every other adult and escort directory that exists on the Internet.)  They also check and verify a lot of information.  I am not recommending anyone listed on there but if they are in the independent category chances are they are actually independent, at least, because of how that directory takes time and verifies information.  It’s so hard to get in there, though, that it might also be that they’ve been trying for a number of years, so they might be a little older… I don’t know, but in any case it’s another place to get you started on your search that will allow me to avoid linking to some big commercial sites that are all paid and have no verification of who these escorts are and are likely to be agencies, anyhow. (I really don’t want to do that and most people that are interested can find them all easily enough, anyways.)  To me, it’s important to not inadvertently/unintentionally “endorse” some escort directory or escort agency. So here are the two parts of the DMOZ open directory project for new york city escorts and also for new york coty escort agencies.   At the end of the day, though, you could always just go to Yahoo, Bing, or Google and search for “Las Vegas escorts.”  There’s no big secret there, but as for booking me, sorry guys, but really, yes, you too.